Software Testing Community Chat

Let's build an awesome chat community for software testers to discuss new ideas, exchange tips, help new testers and stay in touch between conferences!

What's #testers and how does it work?

This is a Slack chat for the software testing community. More and more teams use Slack for their internal communication, and more and more public chats are opening up as it's a great way to discuss ideas, exchange tips and help new community members. After this year's TestBash conference we thought, why not build a platform to stay in touch between conferences? 

Started by Rosie Sherry and Dennis Gurock with support by the awesome software testing community.

How to join and participate

Simply submit your email address at the top of this page to request an invitation. You will be able to join via Slack's web app or use one of their native desktop/mobile apps. If your team is already using Slack, you can simply add this group to your existing client installation by pressing the + icon below the left group list.

Why is this better than Twitter/Skype etc.?

Twitter is great to share small bits of information and participate in short, public discussions. Skype is great for one-on-one discussions and small groups. Both tools aren't great to allow larger groups to participate in detailed discussions, exchange ideas or to allow new testers easily join and interact with the rest of the community.

Slack is great for such scenarios and allows us to open a public chat platform for the software testing community. We can easily allow a larger number of community members to participate and open separate channels on specific topics (think jobs, tools, testbash, events).

If you want to help promote and grow #testers, please let us know by pinging @rosiesherry or @dennis! And the best way to help us build the platform is to join, participate and invite others.

Thank you,
Rosie Sherry, Software Testing Club

 Dennis Gurock, TestingTools.com

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